Huntersville Town Commission Votes 3-2 To Move Forward With Downtown Revitalization

HUNTERSVILLE, NC – A nearly 10 acre mixed use project was given the green light on Tuesday night by the Huntersville town commission.

The project narrowly passed 3-2.

North State Development plans to put more than 130 apartments, 50 townhomes, 7 single family homes, and retail space on the nearly 10 acre site.

“It’s pretty high density for such a small amount of land,” explained Amber Kovacs. She lives in the area near Gilead Road where the project will be built.

“It’s my belief that apartments are not going to revitalize downtown,” said Kovacs.

She says she supports change and revitalization, but would like to see it on a smaller scale and with more support for small businesses.

“If you’re willing to disrupt a neighborhood what else is going to be able to happen,” explained Kovacs.

But the majority of the town commissioners voted in favor of the plans.

“The mixed use project is supported by a variety of housing and becomes the first building blocks to a prosperous future for our downtown,” said Commissioner Nick Walsh.

Commissioner Melinda Bales had a change of heart after initially opposing the project.

“I do believe the changes in the plan find better balance for downtown revitalization and they do reflect the spirit of the downtown master plan,” said Bales.

Not everyone was on board. More than 3100 people signed a petition to stop the project.

“Everyone’s opposition is due to how much we love it here. It’s not because we’re angry. It’s not because we don’t want change. It’s just people being emotional about something that they love so much,” said Kovacs.