Meet The Woman Who Made Sen. Sanders’ Meme-able Mittens

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – President Biden has his first full day as president under his belt, but Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is also sharing the limelight, after his appearance at the inauguration. A software engineer made a website that can place the senator anywhere in the world. The new site lets you enter an address and see Bernie sitting outside with his mittens on.

And speaking of Bernie’s mittens, they were made by a Vermont teacher Jen Ellis. Ellis’ daughter went to the daycare Sanders’ daughter-in-law ran. She gave the mittens to Sanders more than two years ago, and says she is excited to see him wearing them on one of the biggest stages. Ellis says, “I gave those mittens as a gift to Bernie, expecting nothing in return, and I think its beautiful that they have gone so far, and I think its wonderful that he represents Vermont in that way, that he brought a hand-crafted item with him to this awesome historic day.”

And if the mittens, and all of the memes are not enough, the image of Sanders is now being made into a baseball card.

Our question of the night: how long do you think Sen. Sanders’ meme moment will last?

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