Wilson’s World Homeschool: Stepping Inside the 1920 Siloam School with The Charlotte Museum of History

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Continuing to celebrate Black History Month, The Charlotte Museum of History will celebrate and share the history the 1920 Siloam School by taking you on a virtual tour. From February 18th through February 28th visitors will be invited to virtually step inside the 1920 Siloam School  to learn more about early 20th century education, explore the Siloam School and learn more about the plans for its restoration.

On Thursday, February 18th at 6pm a virtual kick off  event will be held  featuring author Stephanie Deutsch, Committee Chair Fannie Flono, project partner Dr. Rochelle Brandon, author Valaida Fulwood, and Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles.‎

Virtual visitors will only need to go online to purchase a ticket at the Charlotte Museum of History’s website HERE.

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