Hidden Gems of CLT: Sir Edmond Halley’s

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On this week’s Hidden Gems of Charlotte, Alex visits Sir Edmond Halley’s.

At Sir Edmund Halley’s you’re treated like family.

“People have been coming here for 25 years,  we know each other, we know their kids. It’s just like family,” says Svend Deal.

Andy Hollis and Svend Deal are the owners of Sir Edmund Halley’s.  Deal, the original owner, opening up the spot 25 years ago.

“Our original investor was a guy who believed in us when we were completely just nothing,” says Deal.

Hollis came on board about 10 years ago. So why the name? Turns out Sir Edmund Halley was a real dude. Quick history lesson–he was the one who paid for the publication of the first scientific work that Isaac Newton came out with way back in the day despite the wishes of the establishment

“We wanted to name it after a person with distinction, but not necessarily someone that’s super famous. Because that’s kind of how we are, we’re down here in the bottom of the basement,” says Deal.

It’s true. Walk down the the stairs at Park Road shopping center to find literally a basement. Open the doors, and this pub filled with character. Honoring our friends from across the pond.

“So it’s an English pub, but we kind of celebrate everything Celtic. Irish, Scottish we have a Scottish flag, Irish flag, welsh flag,” says Hollis.

The homage is special to Deal. He spent several years playing rugby overseas. Adding what made him fall in love with the culture, how genuine and welcoming everyone is at a pub.

“If you go overseas and you’re at the pub on a Sunday in the footballs on or the rugby or whatever they’ll be kids running around, they’ll have their families there and grandma will be there drinking a pint and watching the kids. And that’s kind of what we are here,” says Deal.

At a pub we’ve got to talk about Guinness and they have it down to a science. Start with a 20 ounce in English pint, which is 20 ounces not 16. And you do the first poor,” says Hollis.  Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle, fill it up three- fourth of the way up until it turns black.

As for the food, classic pub food with a modern twist like potato cakes served with goat cheese.

Sir Edmund Halley’s also has a beer garden where they have their St. Patrick’s Day celebration, but of course due to COVID-19 it is expected to be cancelled this year.

If you want more information about Sir Edmund Halley’s click HERE.