Spotlight on Black Women Owned Business in CLT: A List Smiles Orthodontics

In honor of the first black Batwoman, we shine the bat-signal on black women owned businesses in the Queen City

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A powerful black woman is taking Gotham by storm. But in Charlotte, powerful black women have always been essential in shaping the city. To celebrate the first black Batwoman played by Javicia Leslie Sundays on Charlotte’s CW, we are shining the bat-signal on businesses run by black women in Charlotte.

It was hard to find a lot of reasons to smile in 2020, but Dr. Alyssa Sprowl and her orthodontics practice, A List Smiles Orthodontics, have managed to keep the Queen City grinning.

The vibrant, modern and inviting A List Orthodontics opened just over a year ago off Independence Boulevard in Charlotte, N.C.  Sprowl’s goal to create an inclusive, comfortable environment catering to patients of all ages and ethnicities has been paying off as her business continues to grow.

“It’s good to have representation,” says Sprowl of being a black woman in the orthodontics.  “It’s great to see someone that looks like you that serves you, someone that has come from a similar background as yours makes you feel comfortable.”

Keeping that comfort during COVID has brought challenges, but Sprowl has put measures into place to keep her staff and patients safe.  Beyond required masks, temperature checks and extra hand washing, her staff works hard to keep in communication with patients to make sure that if they’re not feeling well, they reschedule.

The pandemic has been a lesson in perseverance for everyone, but Sprowl has longevity in the practice.  When asked about her background, she laughs.  “I went to school a LOT.”  A graduate of Hampton University, Sprowl went on to receive her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Meharry Medical College.  Finding a true passion for orthodontics, Sprowl pursued her dream, completing her postdoctoral program in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Her advice to those looking to launch a business?  “Just go for it.  Do what matters most to you. As long as you’re doing good work you’re doing good quality work and you’re good fair person, your work will speak for itself,” encourages Sprowl.  “As long as you keep your motto, your vision and the whole premise of why you’re doing what you do number one, you’ll be successful.”

Sprowl’s mission is reflected in the makeup of her ideal superhero, “Black Woman Iron Man.”  ” I think he’s just so super smart.  Very intellectual, very scientific was able to figure things out and put things together – almost like the new MacGyver,” says Sprowl.  “He was a little smart and sassy, but it’s okay, I’ll add a little of my jazz in there.”

Sprowl has added that ‘jazz’ to the offices at A List Smiles in splashes of colorful murals and glam golden decor.  The upscale vibe makes patients feel they’re on the a-list.

If you’re looking to improve your smile, it’s never too late.  While Sprowl recommends patients start seeing an orthodontist around age seven, her oldest patient is in their 70s.  “There is no limit if there’s something you’re not happy with,” says Sprowl.  “There’s never a time when you’re too old or young to fix it.”

To book an appointment, visit or call/text 704-665-7078.