SNL Sketch About Charlotte Gets Tongues Wagging

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte’s starring role on Saturday Night Live is the talk of the town. This weekend, Kenan Thompson played LaVar Ball, the dad of the Charlotte Hornets’ LaMelo Ball. His skit was full of Charlotte-specific references and roasts: “…He’s playing for the most storied franchise in all of basketball, the Charlotte Hornets! Charlotte, North Carolina, the regional banking capital of the world! Gateway to Gastonia!”

There was lots of chatter about the sketch. One person tweeting: “I’m proud to be from Gastonia, the Gateway to Charlotte.” Another saying, “I’d like to petition naming the new light rail line to Gastonia, “Gateway to Gastonia” instead of whatever color you had previously picked.”

We wanted to hear more. We sent Edge photographer Ed Antonelli to get your take on SNL’s Charlotte jokes. “I did think it was funny. I think that Kenan’s impression of LaVar Ball was spot on, and it’s funny to hear the city get mentioned as well as it seems like they did some research like when the mentioned the Mecklenburg County fair. So they went a little deeper than just saying the Charlotte Hornets,” says Belmont resident John Koslow. He also says, “It was light-hearted so I didn’t really take offense to it, but I do see that its got a lot of big air time. I talked to my family in New York about it and they had seen it.”

NoDa resident “Mike” disagrees, telling WCCB, “Making fun of Charlotte is getting played out and I think its getting old. Charlotte is an up-and-coming – not an up-and-coming City anymore. It is a city. I’ve been here 20 years, and I didn’t like (the jokes).” Mike also says, “Kenan come to Charlotte. I’ll show you around NoDa.”

Our question of the night: does the SNL shoutout put Charlotte on the map?

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