Wilson’s World HomeSchool: Upcoming Virtual Events at the Gantt Center with Mufuka Works Dance Co and Open Air Conversations

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson returns to the  Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts+Culture to learn more about the upcoming workshop at the center with Elsie Mufuka  and  ‎MufukaWorks Dance Company  this Saturday.  The free virtual event Dances from the Diaspora Vakadzi Dance is this Saturday and open to all ages.

Vakadzi, meaning “women” in Shona, is a Zimbabwean dance style that honors the strength and beauty of women. This hour-long virtual experience will get the entire family up, moving, and inspired by the richness of ballet, African and contemporary dance.

The workshop will be this Saturday, March 6th from 12pm until 1pm.  It will be streamed live via Zoom and can also be watched via the Gantt Center’s YouTube live channel.  For more information on the event and access go to the Gantt’s website HERE.

Afeni Grace with the  Gantt Center also tells us about the upcoming events at the center that will be held on the center’s YouTube page.  All of the events that are happening at the center, both in person and virtual can be found at the center’s website ganttcenter.org.

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