17.1 Million Viewers Watched Oprah Interview Harry & Meghan

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A whopping 17.1 million viewers watched Oprah interview Harry and Meghan Sunday night. During the bombshell interview, the controversial couple accused the royal family of racism and neglect. Meghan revealed she felt suicidal, and when she asked for help, was told no. Harry cited a lack of support as the reason he and Meghan left Britain and moved, ultimately, to Los Angeles.

We asked a mental health expert for advice on how you can show support for a loved on who is going through a mental health crisis. Clinical psychotherapist Jenn Tomko says, “I think coming at it with empathy, giving concrete reasons why you might think that you have these particular concerns and then offering help that’s outside of you. You try to be as supportive as you can.”

The conversation about Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan continues on The Edge, plus a look at the flower girl dresses that caused an argument between Meghan and Kate Middleton.