Hickory Nonprofit Calling For All Artists To Join Competition Making “Sticky Creations”

HICKORY, N.C. — Full Circle Arts, a nonprofit artists’ cooperative in downtown Hickory, is calling for artists at all levels to make their own sculptures made out of tape in order to parcticpate in their new exhibition and competition “Sticky Creations.”

The contest, sponsored by Shurtape Technologies, will offer a $225 cash prize for individuals and certificate awards for family groups, according to a news release.

Officials say individuals can enter the competition up to three times with a $15 fee and family groups can enter for a $10 fee.

Tape is available at Full Circle Arts Thursdays and Saturdays March 11th through April 17th, and artwork will be due by Saturday, April 17th at the art center’s hickory location on 42-B Third Street NW.

Officials say the creations must be made mostly out of household multipurpose medium tape,  and the exhibition will be on display May 1st through May 29th.

Hickory high and middle school students will create a display of tape art that will be up the same time as the competition, according to a news release.

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