Parents React After Video Shows Weddington High School Teacher Say The N-Word On Zoom With Students

CHARLOTTE, NC – Union county parents are reacting after a teacher was suspended earlier this week for using the N-word in front of students.

The school district is now investigating the personnel matter.

“My first thought was, is it 2021?” said Quinn Hargett, a Union County parent.

She says she was shocked when she heard a Weddington High school teacher say the N-word during a zoom call with students.

“For a teacher,  rhetorical or not rhetorical, to ask that question; I was dumbfounded,” said Hargett.

The Video posted on a Union County moms group Facebook page appears to show Powell Williams, a 14 year history teacher and soccer coach at Weddington high school.

“Somebody sent me a text and I did not like the language that was phrased in this text,” read Williams in the video.

Williams read the text message that he says was sent to him. He says it was upsetting and included problematic language.

A student then asks Williams what the message says.

“It said “you, question mark question mark.” And I said, Who is this? And they go, “Me”, can I say it, “Me N—-” , like I got a huge problem with that,” explained Williams.

“It doesn’t matter what his intent was, it doesn’t matter if it was small talk, it doesn’t matter if he thought a lesson was coming from it. He shouldn’t have said it,” said Hargett.

Other people commenting on social media in support of Williams.

Candace Powell wrote, “He actually said that he had a problem with it, so not sure why everyone is so upset. The fact that he repeated it is just bad judgement on his part, but I don’t think he should be suspended!”

We reached out to Williams and have not heard back. It’s unclear how long his suspension will last.