Edge On The Clock: Sean Hannity Caught Smoking Vape Between Commercials

Hannity gets caught taking a smoke break

Sean Hannity is trending tonight after the Fox News anchor was caught smoking a vape cigarette in-between commercial breaks. The 59 – year – old tried to play it cool by saying “Uh-oh”, then proceeded to read the news but it was a little too late. He had already been caught red-handed.

Rapper Quavo from rap trio, “Migos” and girlfriend Saweetie have broken up after three years together. Saweetie took to social media to confirm the news after social media caught wind that she unfollowed Quavo, last week. In a Twitter post, Saweetie says in part, “I’m single. I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes.”

California theme park goers will have to remain silent while riding rides as a precaution to keep Covid-19 cases to a minimum. The parks will also set new loading patterns wear face coverings during the ride. Disneyland plans to re-open on April 30th.

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