Edge On The Clock: Charlotte Brewery Tries To Send Beer Can Into Space

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte’s Devil’s Logic Brewing is experimenting with space travel. The company launched one of its beer cans into space and documented the whole experience on TikTok. It took the crew three times to get the weather balloon, beer and GoPro camera into the air. Co-owner and founder of the company Brian Wallace estimates the drink reached an altitude of 96,000 feet before it burst.

Plus, a Stillwater, Minnesota police officer says he thought he was pulling over an adult drunk driver who went through an intersection in reverse and went up an embankment into the front yard of a residence. It turns out it was a 10-year-old boy who says his father wanted him to have Cheerios for breakfast and he decided to drive and get them himself.

And, a Louisiana woman is being charged with theft, bank fraud, and illegal transmission of monetary funds after she refused to return over $1.2M that was accidentally deposited into her brokerage account.

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