Edge On The Clock: Taco Bell Opens Digital-Only Restaurant & Bar

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Taco Bell has opened a “digital only” fast-food joint and bar in Times Square that uses automated kiosks to take food orders and actual bar tenders to make drinks. Customers can see their burritos getting wrapped in the open kitchen, but when the order’s ready, it’s placed in heated cubbies that then light up pink. Customers then enter their order number on the cubby’s touch screen and the door opens.

Plus, police in the United Kingdom are on the hunt for a rabbit thief. But it’s not just any ol’ bunny that was stolen; it is Darius, the Guinness World Record-holding largest rabbit in the world, at four feet in size.

And, Busch is looking to put one special canine to work as their Chief Tasting Officer for the beer brand’s dog brew. The position comes with a $20,000 salary, pet insurance, and stock options.

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