Edge On The Clock: Kanye West’s Original “Yeezys” Up For Auction For $1M

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Kanye West’s one million dollar “Yeezys” shoes could become the most expensive sneakers ever sold. The rapper first wore the Nike Air Yeezy One prototypes during the Grammy awards in 2008. Now, Sotheby’s Auction House has valued the shoes at one million dollars. The auction company says that value comes from the brand’s cultural impact. The sneakers are now on display in Hong Kong, and will be auctioned later this month.

Plus, Fyre Festival ticket holders could finally get reimbursed for the infamous party that never happened. A proposed settlement in a class-action lawsuit would award about $7,200 to each of the 277 people who bought tickets.

And, Chrissy Teigen caves and re-activates her Twitter account less than a month after quitting the platform.

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