Georgia Considers Making To-Go Alcohol Sales Permanent

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new bill in Georgia could make a pandemic change a permanent reality. The measure calls for to-go cocktails to become a permanent staple of the state’s dine-out experience. Lots of cities across the country, including here in Charlotte, allowed restaurants to sell alcohol to-go at the height of the pandemic to help struggling restaurants. Georgia’s bill would extend that option, and would require cocktails to be sealed and kept either in the glove box or trunk. The bill is currently waiting for Governor Brian Kemp’s signature before it can become law.

It’s just one of the many day-to-day changes brought on by the pandemic. People are finding new ways to get things done without being face to facee, such as working from home or virtual doctors visits. The pandemic has also changed the way people travel, as masks and frequent sanitation have become required nationwide.

Our question of the night: What pandemic change do you want to stick around in a post-pandemic world?


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