Can Your Hybrid Car Take On Bad Weather?

No matter where you live in the country, you’re bound to see some sort of bad weather at one point or another. Whether it’s snow, ice, sleet, rain, or high winds, bad weather can quickly turn your drive time dangerous. That’s why it’s important to have a vehicle that can handle any type of weather, rain or shine.

Many drivers assume that to handle inclement weather conditions, you need a big vehicle with a lot of special features. So, would your hybrid car be able to take on heavy rain or slick, icy conditions without a problem? Toyota of N Charlotte is here to debate.

driving in bad weather

Is a hybrid car suitable for rainstorms or winter weather?

When drivers think of hybrid cars, they often think of two main concepts: Fuel efficiency and a green performance. Superior handling in bad weather isn’t usually on the list of assumptions when it comes to hybrid vehicles, but it should. Because believe it or not, many of these green Toyotas have the capability to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at them.

For starters, they fare well in the cold. Hybrid cars have a ton of electrical components, many more than your typical gasoline-powered N Charlotte Toyota. These components perform well without the need for additional fuel or lubrication and in turn, are less prone to freezing when temperatures drop low in snowy or icy conditions. However, you will need to be careful with your hybrid car battery if you’re in extreme cold. Just like any other battery, severe cold can affect its performance.

Additionally, it’s possible to get on-demand All-Wheel-Drive if you choose a Toyota hybrid car. Both the N Charlotte Toyota Prius and Toyota RAV4 Prime come with this feature. In this setup, electric motors are dedicated to each of the two sets of driving wheels and can be activated either on demand, or automatically if the system senses that you’re in need of the feature. Without all-wheel-drive, your N Charlotte Toyota can more easily lose traction on wet, snowy, or icy roads, sending you into a spinout and making your drive time that much more dangerous.

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Shop for your N Charlotte Toyota hybrid today

So, if weather worries are on your mind when you car shop, don’t rule hybrids out. Not only are they efficient and eco-friendly, they can also power you through snowstorms, rainstorms, and everything in between!

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