Edge On The Clock: #1 Draft Pick Favorite Makes Cryptocurrency Endorsement Deal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The NFL Draft doesn’t start until Thursday, but the number one draft pick favorite, Trevor Lawrence, is already making deals like a pro football player. The 21-year-old has signed a multi-year endorsement deal with the cryptocurrency investment app Blockfolio. And while the exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed, he did receive a signing bonus that was paid out entirely in crypto and deposited into his Blockfolio account.

Plus, the Kardashians will not hit the campaign trail for Caitlyn Jenner, now that’s she’s running for governor of California. Why? A difference in political views.

And, the brain behind Tesla and SpaceX is giving a dire warning for anyone hoping to be among the first to travel to Mars. Elon Musk admitted, “a bunch of people will probably die in the beginning.”

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