Tim Tebow Wants Back Into The NFL, Works Out With Jaguars

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The NFL draft is officially underway, where fresh talent is folded into football’s most successful league. But a blast from the past, Tim Tebow, is also trying to make his way back into the sport. The former Jets and Broncos quarterback has reportedly reached out to the Jacksonville Jaguars requesting an opportunity to try out as a tight end.

According to the NFL Network, the Jaguars have had “at least some discussion” of signing him. Tebow has not played in the league since 2012 with the Jets. After his football career, he attempted to make it in professional baseball as an outfielder with the New York Mets organization. From 2016 to 2019, he played in the minor leagues, making it as high as Triple A.

Twitter quickly sounded off on the news saying, “Some day, Tim Tebow may lack the ability to generate headlines out of absolutely nowhere simply by showing up somewhere. That day is not today.” And, “Tim Tebow lives life like he’s Air Bud. Just wakes up and wants to try new sports.” And, “That’s cool, now do Kaep.

Our question of the night: do you think Tim Tebow should be able to re-join the NFL?

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