Edge On The Clock: YouTubers Ask For Forgiveness After Mask Prank Backfires

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A pair of YouTubers are asking for forgiveness after a mask prank backfired on them. Josh Paler Lin and Leia Se were deported from Bali, Indonesia after trying to fool store security with a painted-on “face mask.” The pair filmed the video of the painting, which has since been deleted, but re-posted from other accounts.

Plus, two former Chick-Fil-A employees in Alabama have been indicted for allegedly diverting thousands of dollars in customer payments to their own bank accounts.

And, Spring has sprung and a fun-loving New York City couple is hosting a vaccine-themed party. Laurence and Felicia Anthony tell the New York Post they had guests stand in the doorway, state their vaccination status, and then remove their masks before entering their home.

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