Local Woman Says Police Bullet Accidentally Left In Her Body Popped Out

GASTONIA, N.C. – A bullet, unknowingly lodged in a local woman’s body for three years, suddenly popped through her skin Monday. 31-year-old Brittany Lynn was accidentally shot by Gastonia Police in 2018, but at the time, doctors said the bullet just grazed her skin.

She’s tried to move on from that day, but now wonders if the bullet no one knew was inside her has caused her illness over the past three years. Lynn says, “They was just telling me I was stable and they couldn’t find no bullets no where.” She also says, “(I’ve been) in and out the hospital had infection one time in my blood stream.” And, “I got shot up here (near her breast) and it came out right here (near her hip), so basically it’s been stuck for three years so it must’ve traveled.”

The officer who accidentally shot her was not charged. Lynn wants him fired for the trauma he caused and continues to cause.

Our question of the night: who should be held responsible for the bullet in Brittany Lynn’s body?

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