Health Officials Report Missing Radioactive Material In Durham

RALEIGH, N.C. — Officials with the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services say they received a report of a missing measuring tool with a radioactive component on Thursday, after it was stolen in Durham, N.C.

Health officials say the device, if handled improperly, can pose a potential health and safety risk, and it was discovered missing on May 6th.

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Officials say the missing gauge is contained in a Type A transportation container, that is clearly marked as containing radioactive material.

The container can be identified by its yellow plastic case with the following labels:

  • Radiation tri-foil (Radioactive – 7).
  • USA DOT 7A.
  • Type A Radioactive Material.
  • Cargo Aircraft Only.

Officials say the gauge itself has a stainless-steel handle with a radiation symbol on it, and a description of the radioactive material is on a plate attached to the exterior of the gauge.

The gauge poses no immediate threat unless it is mishandled or broken open, and officials say anyone who does find the gauge is asked to maintain at least 10-feet of distance until the appropriate authorities secure the area and device.

Anyone with more information on this missing gauge’s whereabouts is asked to call Travis Cartoski, N.C. Radiation Protection Section, at 919-621-4797 or 911.