A Weekend Trip to the Shire & Hobbithenge

Take a trip outside Middle-Earth to the Hobbit-themed AirBNB in Weaverville, NC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Sometimes, you just gotta get outta Middle-Earth.  Amiright?  WCCB Photojournalist, Will Bartlett, took a trip to the Shire which apparently just outside Asheville and stayed at this Hobbithenge airbnb.

Expect a ‘semi-primitive’ stay, says Bartlett. There is limited electricity used through a solar panel.  Inside you’ll find an upstairs loft with a bed.  There’s a wood furnace and an outdoor kitchen area surrounded by a lush meadow with fire pits for star-gazing.  30 minutes from Asheville and close the the Blue Ridge Parkways, it’s the perfectly located for hiking.

“Just an amazing, possibly romantic getaway for people interested in ‘glamping’ trips,” say Bartlett.  Enjoy his snaps from the Shire!