School Speed Limit Sign Still Missing After Suspected Street Racing Accident

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Neighbors are raising safety concerns about missing signage near two Southwest Charlotte schools.

A driver knocked down a flashing speed limit sign along Nations Ford Road more than a month ago, while allegedly street racing.

It happened near Nations Ford Elementary and E.E. Waddell Language Academy.

Seven weeks later, neighbors are raising concerns because the sign hasn’t been replaced.

“Signage like that is important because it’s a deterrent,” says Ike Nwosu, who runs a nearby business. “Deterrents at least give people a chance to, when they see it, to change their mind about doing what they’re about to do.”

A CDOT spokesperson says the process is to have an investigator come out and determine what needs to be replaced.

They told WCCB Charlotte they’d get back to us on the timeline for replacing the sign.