Beers to Bank On – Vaulted Oak Brewery to Open Inside Converted BB&T On June 8th

A sneak peek Inside the upcoming East Charlotte brewery

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Inside the sun-filled, indoor patio of Vaulted Oak Brewery, I have a strong urge to send a beer through one of the pneumatic tubes.  Formerly a BB&T bank, Vaulted Oak has kept some of the unique features to give their bank-themed brewhaus character.

“We just want to be a neighborhood spot where people can come, hang out, have a beer, bring their dogs and enjoy Charlotte weather,” says Johnie Jones, Co-Owner/Director of Entertainment.  Located off Monroe Road, (conveniently up the street from WCCB), they’re excited to be the first brewery to pop up in the booming Oakhurst & Echo Hills neighborhoods.  With a patio “made for music,” the brewery has plans to bring live shows and food trucks.

What type of beer should you expect?  Opening on Tuesday, June 8th, they’ll offer a range including lighter ales and pales ales but they plan to do over 50 different styles in their first year.  “We’ll try a little bit of everything and see what people like,” says Jones.  One select draft will remain consistent, though, with proceeds always going to the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson’s research.

Will they keep their recipes behind that vault door at the end of the bar… maybe.  I hope.

Vaulted Oak Brewing, a new brewery in the Echo Hills and Oakhurst neighborhoods of East Charlotte located at 3726 Monroe Road, is set to open to the public on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

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