Meck Co. Commission Moves Forward with Plan to Withhold $56M from CMS Over Failing Schools

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The budget battle is raging on between county leaders and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

In a 6-2 straw vote on Wednesday, commissioners decided to move forward with plans to withhold $56 million from the district over concerns about failing schools.

Critics say CMS isn’t doing enough to close the achievement gap.

Commissioners want to see a detailed plan on how the district will improve outcomes for minority students.

“(Students) deserve somebody to stand up for them. If the school board’s not going to stand up for them, we are accountable to the people, we need to stand up for them,” said County Commissioner Pat Cotham, before Wednesday’s vote.

Commissioners say the funds held back would only impact administrative and support staff.

District leaders disagree, saying it will affect learning in the classroom.