Dueling Parent Protests Before Union Co. School Board Meeting

MONROE, N.C. – Union County parents faced off in dueling protests before Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

Some say partisan politics are distracting from what should be the board’s priority — educating children.

Each side, with a laundry list of things they’re upset about, from what children are taught in school, to the current mask mandate.

“My son has a massive rash on his face. I have two daughters with asthma,” says Britney, with Moms for Liberty.

The other side saying there isn’t enough diversity and equity in Union County Public Schools.

“My child goes to an elementary school where there’s no black teachers. There’s no black students and I think that’s a problem. It’s problematic,” says parent Jermatic Chambers.

Some protesters are also calling for board chair Melissa Merrell to resign, with some accusing the board and other parents of racially charged rhetoric in recent meetings.

“It’s on the board. It’s on people who are hiring people to find our diverse teachers,” Chambers says.

The other side defended Merrell and held up campaign signs supporting her.