Panthers Owner David Tepper Drops Hints About Possible Plans for New Stadium

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper is dropping hints about possible plans for a new stadium.

He says a dome is out, because of COVID.

And he’s open to building the new stadium in Uptown.

“A new stadium would be nice,” says East Charlotte resident Balmah Kotay.

Kotay and his friends tossed the football outside Bank of America Stadium on Tuesday afternoon.

Like other fans, they love the idea of a new Uptown stadium.

“I feel like, around here, it’d be an attraction and there’d be attention up here,” Kotay says.

Tuesday, Panthers owner David Tepper reaffirmed his desire to build a new stadium.

“You might go away for a couple years and you know build the stadium where it is right now, if you had to do it,” Tepper said.

Several locations have been rumored, including nearby Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, which is moving its operations to Stanly County.

“Look if Roddy Dowd wants to get generous and donate the land to the city, then we could put a stadium over there,” Tepper said.

Or Rock Hill, South Carolina, where the Panthers are building a team headquarters and practice facility.

“I’m sure with all of the land that’s out there, he can build a much bigger and better stadium than doing it here,” says South Meleckenburg Co. resident Stephanie Maurice.

“Yeah, Rock Hill is about 10 minutes away from me, so that would be a breeze getting there,” she says.

But Tepper says he won’t do it alone and expects the community to open up their pocketbook.

“If I’m a third, and the community’s a third, and eventually in the future, it could be a long way out – people, PSL guys are a third, or whatever we do, it’s a partnership, and if people don’t want it, they won’t want it,” Tepper said.

Tepper also says a new stadium in Uptown could be part of a broader entertainment district, utilizing the current practice fields near the stadium.

WCCB Charlotte reached out to the Charlotte Mayor’s office for her thoughts on Tepper’s possible plans, but didn’t hear back.