“Ring of Fire” Eclipse to Occur on Thursday

Rare "Ring of Fire" Eclipse will be visible in parts of North America on Thursday

People in parts of Canada, Greenland, and northern Russia will get treated to the rare sight of a annular eclipse on Thursday, June 10th, 2021. For the Carolinas, this will only be a partial solar eclipse and will be visible for some (weather permitting) on Thursday morning.

According to NASA “In the United States, the partial eclipse will be visible along parts of the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, and in Northern Alaska. In many of these locations, the eclipse will occur before, during, and shortly after sunrise. This means that viewers will need to get a clear view of the horizon during sunrise in order to see the eclipse.”

This Annular Solar Eclipse that will occur on Thursday in Canada is different than the Total Solar Eclipse some across the United States saw in 2017. In an Annular Solar Eclipse (bottom left photo) the moon is farther from Earth so it doesn’t completely cover the sun – it leaves a halo or “Ring of Fire” around the sun. In a Total Lunar Eclipse (top photo below), the Moon is close to Earth, therefore, the sun is completely covered only to reveal a corona.

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Below is a map that shows how the eclipse will appear in select locations. (Image credit: Sky & Telescope)



  • You must wear solar viewing or eclipse glasses. Regular sunglasses are not safe for viewing.
  • IMPORTANT DUE TO TIMING – Find a clear view of the horizon free of any obstructions.
  • Free sight to East-northeast.


The sunrise on Thursday in Charlotte is at 6:08 AM. The maximum eclipse will be at 6:11 AM so just minutes after sunrise! The eclipse will end at 6:25 AM.


Of course events such as this one are always weather permitting and there is a good chance cloud cover will obscure viewing for the Charlotte area.