Tasty Tuesday: Seven-Layer Salad Lesson with Supperland

Tuesdays are always tastier with Rising

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tuesdays are always tastier with Rising. This week, we’re getting a seven-layer salad lesson from Supperland executive chef, Chris Rogienski. Let’s see how Lauren’s turns out when she gives it a shot…


Supperland’s Seven-Layer Salad Recipe:

First – shop local.  Supperland sources their ingredients from around our area.  “It’s important to keep the local businesses alive and try not to use like these big distributors, the more local things we can do the more local farmers we can support the better,” says Chef Chris.


  • Collards or Kale
  • Lusty Monk Mustard Dressing (local to Asheville)
  • Tomatoes, sliced and dried in the oven for a ‘super concentrated’ tomato flavor
  • Turnips, shredded
  • Beets, braised in mustard seed, water, herbs and bayleaf
  • Sea Island Red Peas soaked overnight, dried then fried with garlic powder & onion powder
  • Covington Sweet Potatoes roasted at 350° in the oven, cooled & diced
  • Microgreens
  • Seasoning: Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, Herbs, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Bayleaf, mustard seed


  • Massage greens with salt and pepper and Lusty Monk dressing.  Massaging the leaves helps make them more tender. “All of our food is produced with salt, pepper, olive oil in the base, so we can change for dietary restrictions,” says Chef Chris.
  • Layer on shredded turnips, dried tomatoes, braised beets, sweet potato, Sea Island Red Peas
  • Top with local microgreens