Victoria’s Secret Finally Says Goodbye To Its Angels

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Victoria’s Secret is finally saying goodbye to the Angels. They’ll be replaced with two new groups of women called the “VS Collective” and the Victoria’s Secret Global Fund for Women’s Cancers. This comes nearly two years after the Angel line ended due to criticism that the brand didn’t embrace models of all sizes and backgrounds.

The VS Collective features actress Priyanka Chopra, athlete Megan Rapinoe and Victoria Secret’s first transgender model Valentina Sampaio. The Global Fund for Women’s Cancers will bring together a group of women to work on creating new programs, product collections, and to support causes vital to women.

The move has been widely criticized on social media. One user saying in part, “It’s virtue signaling. It isn’t the right thing to do or what people want.” Another saying, “Victoria’s Secret would rather cancel the whole show and end the Angels team than adding trans and plus size models.”

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