‘They Called Him Uncle Bill, They Called Him The Godfather’ Bill Cosby’s Spokesperson Talks About Actor’s Life Behind Bars, Sex Assault Claims, And Future In Showbiz

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The spokesperson for comedian Bill Cosby spoke to WCCB News about Cosby’s release from prison, sexual assault claims, and what the actor plans to do now that he’s a free man.

Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s 2018 conviction, citing the 83-year-old’s non-prosecution agreement with a previous prosecutor, meant that Cosby should have never been charged in the sexual assault case involving accuser, Andrea Constand.

Andrew Wyatt, Cosby’s confidante for the past 12 years, says Cosby and his family are now spending time together at an undisclosed location — apparently on an island owned by Cosby’s wife, Camille.

He spoke to WCCB Charlotte’s Trish Williford about Cosby’s life behind bars and his possible plans to file a lawsuit against the district attorney in his case.

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“What the Pennsylvania Supreme Court stated was that they violated his constitutional rights, this was not a technicality,” says Wyatt.  This guy waved his 5th Amendment never thinking he was waving it to his detriment, in 2005, settled out of court for $3.2 million dollars to never be prosecuted,” he says.

“In Mr. Cosby’s  deposition, he eloquently stated he waved his 5th Amendment rights, so it stated, ‘did you ever drug women without their consent’, he said no.  He talked about a culture in the ’70’s when he, along with so many young people had Quaaludes called ‘disco biscuits’, everybody partied with them, that was the culture,” says Wyatt.

“Out of the 60 women, all of them are saying different accounts, different stories,” he says.

Wyatt says Cosby was protected by other inmates while in prison, many of them serving time for murder.

“Mr. Cosby would have an entourage of guys securing him.  Minister Farrakhan, we have to thank him, he had the Muslims looking out for Mr. Cosby.  They called him Uncle Bill.  They called him the Godfather,” says Wyatt.

Wyatt says Cosby is contemplating filing a lawsuit against Montgomery County, the district attorney and the judge in this case.

Career-wise, Cosby has signed a deal with a major production company, and a network to produce a 5-part docu-series that should be coming out next year.