Is Heat Bad For Your Hybrid Car Battery?

We all know that summer can be tough on your vehicle. The paint takes a beating from the sun, the engine has to work overtime to stay cool under the hood, your tires take a hit from the hot pavement… all in all, summer can be brutal for your ride, especially if you don’t stick to a routine auto service schedule at our Charlotte car care center. However, one car part that can be particularly affected by the heat is the car battery in hybrids. We’re here to explain why and how you can prevent any issues with your eco-friendly Toyota this summer. 

How does heat affect your hybrid car battery?

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Heat makes any type of car battery work harder. However, it’s even tougher on hybrid car batteries because they’re nickel-metal hydride. These batteries can actually suffer from bubbling or bulging in extreme heat, which then leads to the electrolytes inside of the battery evaporating. This prevents the battery from holding a charge AND recharging properly, which means it’ll need to be replaced a lot sooner than it normally would. And we don’t know about you, but we don’t want to have to shell out for that particular auto repair – hybrid car batteries can run anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. 

It’s easy to protect your N Charlotte Toyota from the summer temps 

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Car Maintenance Tips

So how can you prevent this type of damage to your hybrid car battery? Here are a few quick tips from our Charlotte auto service center experts regarding your green car: 

Tip #1: Get routine auto care. Staying on top of routine car maintenance is a great line of defense against heat damage to your hybrid car battery. At every appointment, our techs will conduct a multi-point inspection and be able to give you a heads up if any issues are arising. 

Tip #2: Run your A/C when you’re inside the cabin. When you’re inside the car, run the A/C. In hybrid cars, the battery is actually located under the rear passenger seats, not under the hood. So if you keep the cabin cooler, you’ll also keep the battery cooler (and who doesn’t ride around with the A/C on in the summer?). 

Tip #3: Tint your windows and invest in accessories. Tinting the windows and investing in accessories like a sunshade for your windshield will cost up front, but it’ll save you money down the line. Taking these steps will help to ensure that your car’s cabin stays a lot cooler and in turn, keeps your hybrid car battery cooler. However, it’ll also help prevent heat damage and fading from UV rays inside the cabin of your N Charlotte Toyota. 

Tip #4: Park carefully. Pick where you park carefully – a garage or carport is best if you want to try to keep your car’s cabin cooler, but any shade at all can help ensure that your N Charlotte Toyota’s interior doesn’t get too toasty. 

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