Missing Your Margarita? Local Liquor Shortage Likely To Blame

CHARLOTTE, NC – Many people are missing their margaritas as a liquor shortage takes hold in Mecklenburg County.

ABC store shelves in the Charlotte area are bare and bar owners are struggling to get certain types of booze to keep their increasing crowds satisfied.

“I went to one other store earlier today and they were kind of out of everything,” said Scott McAdams a shopper in east Charlotte.

Liquor, and specifically tequila, cognac, and vodka are the latest product shortage. The impact being felt by regular customers..

“Some of the shelves seem a little more empty,” said McAdams.

Restaurant and bar owners are also scrambling. .

“Last week we ordered 150 bottles and at our selected store, we only got two,” said Brian Wilson, the Co-owner of the Tipsy Burro Saloon.

He says he has to go to five or six stores in order to fulfill only a fraction of his order.

“It seems like there is a distribution issue going on from Raleigh to the local Mecklenburg County ABC Stores,” said Wilson.

He says limited truck drivers to deliver shipments is causing back ups. There is also a glass shortage impacting tequila bottling as well as an influx of demand from people at bars and restaurants.

“If we’re not able to get things and the more we have to run around, It will eventually start to affect the consumer,” said Wilson.

According to the North Carolina ABC Commission:

“Suppliers can sometimes struggle to keep all products constantly in-stock. Many businesses have reopened over recent months, creating additional demand as well.”

For no, consumers may need to expand their horizons or be willing to wait.

“People are just going to have to be patient, and hopefully we can get it back together and get everybody the liquor they want at the time they want,” said Wilson.

The Mecklenburg county ABC Board says because liquor is highly regulated, there are statues in place to protect consumers from price gouging. So prices shouldn’t see much change once supply picks back up.