‘Random’ Assault At West Charlotte Bus Stop Caught On Camera

CHARLOTTE, NC – A disturbing late night bus stop attack in West Charlotte is caught on camera.  A woman was beaten while waiting for her ride. Police have arrested a suspect, but the victim has a long road to recovery.

Disturbing video shows the beating at a Beatties Ford bus stop at 12:30 Sunday night.

“The swelling is going down so I’m trying to feel a little better,” said Altavia Gill, holding an ice pack to her face.

Gill, 48, says she was blindsided and attacked.

“I’m thinking he is walking by and he hit me, boom,” said Gill.

The mother and grandmother of three was catching the last bus home after visiting with friends when the attack happened.

“It just all happened so fast. It stunned me,” said Gill.

She said they fought for several minutes until he pinned her face down on the ground. Her head was hitting the concrete. She says she couldn’t see anything, but could only hear the shouts of bystanders.

“I was thinking like ‘Lord thank you somebody came.’ That’s all I could think of,” said Gill, “I thought I was going to die.”

“When I seen her, I was just in disbelief at the amount of damage that was done to her,” said Dezon Gill, her son who lives in Georgia.

He got the call the next morning and said he broke down when speaking with her.

“It’s hard to see your mother beat up like that,” said Dezon Gill.

Altavia Gill says it’ll take weeks to fully heal from her injuries, which include a fractured cheek.

Joseff Smith, 24, has been arrested and charged with the assault.