City Leaders, Community Activists Work To Fight Crime In Monroe

MONROE, N.C. — A community outraged after two killings over the past two weeks in Monroe.

Monroe city leaders and community activists are now looking for ways to join together to stop the violence.  Sunday, the county and city leaders held a news conference pleading with the community to help them fight crime.

“I don’t know what else folks want to understand, but we need help, the police department can only do so much,” says Chief Bryan Gilliard.

Monroe Police are investigating the latest killing that happened early Sunday morning.  24-year-old Jaqavis Allen was shot to death outside a home on South West Street around one a.m.  Police say Allen and the gunman got into an argument and several shots were fired.  Last weekend, 13-year-old Loyalti Allah was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting on Icemorlee Street, less than a mile away from where Allen was killed.  Four people have been charged in her murder.

“This can change.  This is so sad.  I can’t get over the 13-year-old girl doing nothing, just sitting on a picnic table, let me tell you, this is sad,” says Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey.

There were two murders in Monroe in 2020.  The police department is investigating four this year.

“We’ve tried everything, we thought of a de-escalation program that’s for our community that we can’t get implemented cause we can’t get the funding” says Michael Rushing, community activist.  We gonna have to learn how to start loving each other again,” he says.

The city’s Public Safety Committee plans to meet to develop a plan to fight crime.  Meantime, Monroe Police and the Union County Sheriff’s Office will now partner to increase patrols in neighborhoods.