Non-Profit VisArt Video Wants You To Enjoy Your Favorite Movies For A Good Cause

Non-Profit VisArt Video Wants You To Enjoy Your Favorite Movies For A Good Cause


CHARLOTTE, NC– With over 40 years of rich history and cinematic culture, VisArt Video of East Charlotte wants you to enjoy your favorite movies and feel good about it, too!

The 501c3 non-profit organization is dedicated to preserving the movie experience through education, community partners, and rentals of over 40,000 titles, which is more titles than Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, combined!

It all started with a movie run for the president, Mickey Aberman’s wife and turned into what it is today. Aberman says, “I called my wife and said ‘you know how you sent me to pick up two movies? Well….I just could not bear to see it disappear, so we own it now.” 

What started out as a rental business, turned into a non-profit after the previous owner struggled as online streaming grew. 

Now, VisArt Video’s mission is to help keep the arts alive. Aberman says he had originally planned to use VisArt Video as a place where children could come and learn how to create film and where aspiring filmmakers could show their projects. When the pandemic hit, it put a major detour in Aberman’s plans. 

Although delayed, his dream wasn’t denied. Along with marketing director Kat Gantt, the non-profit has become a safe place for filmmakers and movie buffs. 

The non-profit hopes to keep a long American tradition alive. Gantt says that they offer free membership for those looking to reserve their favorite movies. Gantt says, “We have so much to offer. Free popcorn, coffee and membership. Even if you and your family wanted to rent the cinema theatre for an hour, that’s only a donation of $35. We just want people to remember the rich culture we’ve got right here in East Charlotte.”

For more on how you can reserve movies, donate, or for their calendar, click here.