Murdaugh’s Money: Judge To Decide If He Can Keep Control Of His Money & Assets

CHESTERFIELD CO., S.C. – More Murdaugh mayhem. Next week, a South Carolina judge is expected to rule whether or not disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh can keep control of his cash and assets. This, after Chesterfield country judge Dan Hall heard from the lawyers of Mallory Beach’s estate on Friday. She is the victim of a 2019 boating crash, and her family is suing Murdaugh for an alleged connection to the
accident. The lawyer for the Beach estate, Mark Tinsley, says he does not want Murdaugh’s assets to disappear, in case his civil suit results in Murdaugh having to pay money to the Beach estate.

Our question of the night: should Murdaugh be in control of his own money?

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