Edge On The Clock: Melania Trump Auctioning Off White House Memorabilia Including An NFT

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Former First Lady Melania Trump is entering the world of NFTs. She’s auctioning off three items of White House memorabilia called “The Head of State Collection.” It includes an “exclusive digital artwork NFT with motion,” as well as a watercolor by a French artist, and a white hat she wore in 2018. The opening bid is $250,000. Only SOL, a form of cryptocurrency, will be accepted.

Plus, a pair of twins in California have different birth dates, months, and years! Alfredo Trujillo entered the world on New Year’s Eve, while his sister Aylin made her debut 15 minutes later, exactly at midnight January first.

And, fans of the late Betty White are organizing on social media to pay tribute to the iconic actress. They’ve created the “Betty White Challenge.” It calls for people to donate $5 to an animal rescue or shelter of their choice in her name on January 17th. That would have been White’s 100th birthday.

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