Amazon To Launch Amazon Style, An In-Person Clothing Store

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A new frontier for Amazon: it’s adding to its line of physical stores with an apparel store, called Amazon Style. The move may seem weird at a time when in-person shopping seems to be on the decline, but store purchases still make up more than 85 percent of U.S. retail sales. Right now, Amazon is the largest clothing retailer in the nation.

Amazon’s physical outlets largely came after Amazon Go opened. The Amazon Go is a cashier-less style convenience store. Customers check into the store with the Amazon app, and whatever they walk out of the store with will be charged to their account. They are mostly only located in Chicago, California, New York, and Washington state.

Amazon’s collection of physical stores also includes Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pop-Up.

So how will the new Amazon Style work? The store will only display one of every item. Instead of pulling items off the rack, customers scan a QR code of what they want to try. Associates in the store will then gather the items and place them in fitting rooms. Once in the fitting room, customers could ask for more items using a touch screen. The rooms use sliding doors in closets for associates to bring more clothes without seeing shoppers. Robots could eventually be deployed in the stores to retrieve items.

Our question of the night: is the new Amazon Style store cool or creepy?

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