DHEC: South Carolina Caught Up On Backlog Of COVID Tests

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental announced on Thursday that all of its COVID-19 testing vendors have cleared their backlogs and testing wait times will return to the standard 48-hour period.

Health officials say this update comes after residents of South Carolina found themselves waiting over a week for their test results.

Premier CEO Kevin Murdock says his company corrected its backlog of surge-related testing through the investment of millions of dollars in additional equipment and by hiring more than 300 new employees.

“Premier Medical Laboratory Services is now back to pre-surge turnaround times,” Murdock says. “We are processing 95 percent of our results in under 24 hours.”

“Each test that we receive is important to us because we know that it affects someone’s quality of life. That’s why our team worked tirelessly to hire and train hundreds of South Carolinians and expand our infrastructure so that we could return to our normal turnaround times of results. We hold ourselves to the highest standards as a laboratory and look forward to serving South Carolina’s diagnostic testing needs.”

DHEC COVID-19 Coordination Office Director Louis Eubank says the clearing of the testing backlogs was welcome news.

“We appreciate the patience of all South Carolinians and the hard work of our lab partners to respond to the challenges presented by the surge in testing demand,” Eubank said. “We thank all of our vendors for working diligently to provide timely test results and are optimistic that the adjustments made by all parties will ensure no such backlog occurs again.”

DHEC continues to advise anyone who does experience a wait time for a test longer than 72 hours from the time they were tested to call 1-888-697-9004 or email ACC-Testing-CustomerService@dhec.sc.gov to get your results.