Madison Park Residents Concerned They’ll Lose Greenspace After Wastewater Project

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Land off Barkley Road in Madison Park serves as a green space for the community. Angela Urbina lives across the street and worries the green space could soon be gone.

“That is a huge concern to us. That you’re taking away space that we can come and convene and have community time,” Urbina says.

Charlotte Water is working on the Little Hope Creek Wastewater Improvement Project to put new sewer pipes in the Sedgefield and Madison Park neighborhoods.

“We were fully aware that that project was going to be happening due to growth in the area. They wanna update, they wanna make sure the sewer pipe is large enough and wide enough so it’s totally something we understood.”

Urbina says she didn’t know what the land would be used for after the project is finished. She says neighbors learned the project would only take two months and then:

“That Charlotte Water wants to use this land because it’s a convenient space, it’s flat, it’s big and wide open. They wanna use that land and turn it into a construction zone for three years simply to store their machinery.”

Urbina says Madison Park residents are willing to compromise.

“Can we at least leave a section of it open and available for recreational use because that would be a positive compromise.”

WCCB reached out to Charlotte Water for comment. As of Monday evening we are told they will be providing us more information on Tuesday morning.