Edge On The Clock: Software Company “Opera” Replaces Web Addresses With Emojis

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Surfing the web just got more interesting. The software company Opera says it has created a new browser that replaces web addresses with emojis. The company says words are no longer needed at all. Instead, a string of emojis represent where you can locate a web page. For instance, if you type the alien emoji followed by the music note emoji into Opera, you will be routed to rapper Lil Wayne’s record label website.

Plus, Michelin is actually trying to re-invent the wheel. The company is working with General Motors to create airless tires that will come on updated Chevrolet Bolt electric cars.

And, Tiffany & Co. is unveiling a limited-edition Tiffany-blue Wilson basketball, in celebration of the NBA All-Star weekend.

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