York County Man Found Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity In Double Murder

CHARLOTTE — A York County man is found not guilty by reason of insanity in a double murder trial.  The suspect says he heard voices in his head that ordered him to shoot people.
A forensic psychiatrist testified in court that Jimar Neely heard voices in his head back in June of 2019 when he set out on a deadly shooting spree.
Timothy Barber and his brother-in-law Robbin Thompson were found shot to death inside their car on River Crest Road in Rock Hill.  Three years later in a bench trial, Neely pleaded not guilty of the murders by reason of insanity.  A South Carolina Department of Health physician evaluated Neely back in 2019.
“Mr. Neely had prominent delusions, he was paranoid.  He was hearing voices,” says Dr. Stephanie Le.
Defense attorneys told the court Neely had been diagnosed with schizophrenia two years prior to the murders, but that he stopped taking his medication.
Neely is being place in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.