Pollen Takes Off Through The Weekend

Increasing pollen counts are right on schedule

Days are getting longer and temperatures are sporadically warming which means spring is near. This also means increasing pollen counts leading to a rough few months for some.

The Carolinas are right on schedule. The peak tree pollen is usually in April, but it typically starts in late February. Here is your short term pollen outlook:
*Note: Pollen counts vary day to day as temperatures and rain play a big role.

Pollen Forecast

There are different plants that pollinate during different seasons. First you have the tree pollen which lasts from late winter to spring. From spring to early summer grass pollens increase. Late summer into fall is when weed pollen is most prevalent. While it depends where you are geographically, pollen season in the south lasts anywhere from February to November.

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Here are some tips if you are an allergy sufferer:
– Try to keep your windows and doors shut as much as possible.
– If you have pets that go and/or play outside, try to wipe them down with a cloth before they come back inside.