Sales Of Pregnancy Tests Are Up: What Research Analysts Say It Could Mean

DENVER, N.C. — Michelle Dougherty has bought a lot of pregnancy tests lately, she says, spending, “Hundreds of dollars, they’re expensive. She is part of a trend that research analysts are watching closely. Pregnancy test sales are up 13 percent since June of 2020. Before COVID, average growth over three years was about 2 percent. That’s according to the Bank of America Global Research report. Robby Ohmes is the managing director. He says, “We could be at the beginning of a millennial baby boom, based on what we’re seeing.”

WCCB asked him why retailers like Walmart and Target want to know about research on pregnancy test sales. Ohmes says, “They (the retailers) tend to do very well with young families. So if we thought we were seeing some change in the amount of young families that are gonna be in the U.S. in the next several years, that would be good news for those retailers.” It’s a trend he will watch closely. He says, “It’s early, that’s why we’re not officially saying it’s a baby boom yet.”

A possible baby boom wouldn’t surprise Dougherty. She knows plenty of people who are pregnant right now, “I know several, yes,” as she waits for one of these tests to deliver the news she wants to hear. She says, “I’m hopeful.”

And good news: those pregnancy tests turned positive for Dougherty. She is now almost into her second trimester.