Fmr. Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon Talks About His Return To Politics

CHARLOTTE, NC – Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon is attempting a political comeback.

The 55 year old is running for an at large seat on the Charlotte city council. It’s been five years since he was released from federal prison. Cannon says he is a changed man and that he hopes the voters will give him a second chance.

“I want to be forgiven really as it relates to me being in a place to prove my worth,” said Cannon.

During a one on one interview; Cannon said he’s been encouraged to reengage with the community for years.

“That is my love for my city and my love for the people that reside here. Those are the things that have propelled me to want to run again,” said Cannon.

He’ll have to overcome the way he left office.  Cannon plead guilty in 2014 to accepting more than $50,000 in bribes from FBI agents posing as developers and investors. Cannon was mayor at the time when he was caught on camera taking cash.
He spent two years in a federal prison and says he’s a changed man.

“Being able to do things better. Be more thoughtful. Be very mindful about the actions that you take,” explained Cannon.

During the conversation, Cannon was asked how the voters could trust him again.

“The way you would trust me is to give me the opportunity because there is no way for you to learn how to be able to trust me unless the opportunity is before me,” said Cannon.

If voters do give cannon a second chance, he says his key focus will be transportation, affordable housing, and economic development.
A key target is the CIAA basketball tournament, which moved out of Charlotte last year.

“We would call it business retention. But in this case. It’s CIAA retention. We need to be able to bring that back,” said Cannon.

There is stiff competition in the democratic primary for the at large seat. Current council members Dimple Ajmera, Braxton Winston and Larken Egleston, as is former councilman James “Smuddgy” Mitchell.