Weddington Residents Concerned About Proposed 81 Acre Multi Use Development

WEDDINGTON, N.C. — Weddington residents say they’ve been blindsided by a development proposal that would bring shops, restaurants and more homes to the community. 

Meanwhile the town and developer say this project will invigorate the community and tie in to the town hall. 

The 81 acres at the intersection of Providence Road and Weddington Road are currently zoned for single family housing, but developers have other plans. 

“This is about three, three and a half acres of the park,” explained Tom Waters, a developer with Provident Land Services. He says the area will comprise a large park and trails. As well as Single family housing restaurants and retail space. 

“What we want to do in terms of the vision is expand the town center. We want to add some restaurants,” said Waters. 

But not everyone is on board. 

“This is a radical, radical departure from existing zoning,” said Joyce Plyler. 

Plyler is a longtime resident. She says the town council and developer have worked out deals that the public hasn’t been a part of. 

“They are keeping it behind closed doors and not letting us know what has been going on. We have been blindsided,” claimed Plyler. 

Plyler and nearly 2500 others have signed a petition against the proposed rezoning of the land from all single family, to mixed use. 

Traffic is another issue that residents have brought up. Some say the population in the Weddington has doubled in just the last 10 years. 

“It’s going to be really bad for the people who have traditionally lived here,” said Mark Miller. 

Miller set up the petition. He says the project calls for too much development and will add infrastructure issues. 

“No rational sane person would say let’s accelerate the demise of our area,” said Miller. 

Where as Waters says this is a chance to give Weddington a sense of physical community. 

“They want a place for the community to come together. Have a Fourth of July celebration. Art in the park. They could have music festivals on the weekends,” said Waters. 

A public hearing on the proposed rezoning is scheduled for Monday night.