Historic Lincoln Co. Farm Saved From Becoming Housing Development

LINCOLN CO., N.C. – A Lincoln Co. woman has succeeded in saving an historic farm many consider a “nature habitat.”

A housing developer wanted to buy the 170-acre property that includes natural springs and small waterfalls.

18 months ago, we told you how Kira Crisco had become passionate about saving the property, which she’s come to love.

“There are multiple waterfall features, there’s areas where the creek runs over exposed flat rock, it is some of the most beautiful stream beds that I have seen in my time exploring North Carolina,” Crisco said.

Beth Haven Farm near Denver was for sale.

A developer had made an offer, but Crisco’s non-profit, the Outdoor Wellness League, mounted an uphill battle to match the asking price.

She partnered with The Conservation Fund, a national organization, which purchased the property for more than a million dollars.

“Preserving the acreage is a huge win for conservationists, environmentalists, all over the area, and all through North Carolina,” Crisco says.

She was afraid the property might become a housing community.

But now the land is expected to be sold to Lincoln County, to be used as a park.

Kira’s fight continues, to make sure important aspects of the property are preserved, including the largest known exposed bedrock feature in the area.

Her goal: “To preserve the natural habitat as well as the agricultural history,” she says.