Edge On The Clock: Mike Tyson Sells Cannabis Gummies Shaped Like Ears

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Match.com is launching Stir, an app that focuses on linking single parents. Officials say they want to make sure there’s a place for men and women with kids to, “feel like they can be themselves.” According to data from app members, nearly 30 percent of single parents say scheduling conflicts make it hard to date in general.

Plus, Taco Bell is celebrating its 60th birthday with new uniforms. The t-shirts are designed by Los Angeles-based streetwear creator BORNXRAISED. The design celebrates the chain’s southern Californian heritage.

And, Mike Tyson is selling cannabis edibles in the shape of an ear. “Mike Bites” pay homage to when Tyson bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a boxing match.

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