A Masked Gunman Caught On Camera Outside A Charlotte Nightclub, As Outraged Neighbors Report Gunfire

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Cell phone video shows a masked gunman, with what appears to be a rifle, hiding behind a car in the Diamond Restaurant parking lot. This is across the street from Peculiar Rabbit. David G. Holland had just left work around 1 am Saturday and heard dozens of shots while down the street at Snug Harbor. “I’m drinking the beer on the front patio, we’re hanging out and we hear gunshots go off,” says Holland.

WCCB visited several businesses nearby to find out what happened. Diamond Restaurant had already closed when the chaos broke out. Three servers at another restaurant tell WCCB the man with the gun had been kicked out of a nightclub party called Mansion happening at The Peculiar Rabbit. They all wanted to remain anonymous. One server even says, after she closed the restaurant, she heard gunfire and hid behind a dumpster. When it ended, she ran into Snug Harbor for safety when another round began. According to a police report around 1:30 am Saturday, police responded to a shots fired call at the Peculiar Rabbit. Officers noticed various shell casings on the ground. No one was hurt, but investigators found a bullet had hit a vehicle.

WCCB spoke to a manager who said The Peculiar Rabbit had nothing to do with any of this. Known for it’s rooftop bar and a mural of a rabbit drinking a beer on the side of the building, The Peculiar Rabbit closed in January 2020 but the space remains available for private events.